Earthlings (watch online for free)
Farm to Fridge (watch online for free)
Forks Over Knives (available on Netflix Instant)
Meet Your Meat (watch online for free)
Making the Connection (watch online for free)
Vegucated (available on Netflix Instant)
The Witness

Approaching the Natural
Big Fat Vegan Radio
Citizen Radio
Eating Consciously
Food for Thought (This podcast was a life-changer for me!)
Midwest Vegan Radio
Our Hen House
Red Radio
The Abolitionist Approach Commentary


Maple Farm Sanctuary
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
Plant Peace Daily

Rooterville Sanctuary
The Abolitionist Approach
Vegan Feminist Agitator

Alternative Outfitters - adorable all-vegan clothing boutique
Barnivore - guide to vegan beer, wine, and liquor
Happy Cow - locate vegan restaurants anywhere in the world
Jo-Anne McArthur - photographer of animals in the human environment
Masterpiece Pets - customized portraits of companion animals by a vegan artist (me!)
MooShoes - fantastic shoe store stocked entirely with vegan shoes
Sue Coe - visual artist whose explores many social injustices, including animal exploitation 
Two Trick Pony - eco-friendly paper goods including invitations, postcards and more
Vegan Essentials - all the vegan staples you need, from clothing to cosmetics to vitamins
Vegan Guides - several comprehensive lists of vegan products 
Vegan Peace - list of fair trade and environmentally-conscious clothing companies
Yifan Luo Illustration - artwork by vegan illustrator, Yifan Luo
VegVoyages - vegan and vegetarian adventure tours to Southeast Asia
Vegan-Owned Businesses - list of 100 businesses worldwide, everything from bakeries to web designers

This list is ever-evolving so please check back frequently! To recommend a resource you think should be added above, please email Kate at